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London Routes


How many people can be on board each Pedibus?

A maximum of 12 passengers, with 8 on cycle-points and 4 on the VIP platform at the back. If you have more than 12 people in your party, we can make more Pedibuses available. In London we can make up to 6 available for a total of 72 people to ride together. Only our Borough Market, London Bridge or St Paul’s route can accommodate 2 or more Pedibuses. The minimum for any booking is 5 people.

How far in advance should a booking be made?

We generally need at least 24 hours notice, but we can take a booking up to 9 months in advance. During the summer months, Saturdays are always very popular (especially in the afternoon), so you may wish to book early to avoid disappointment. If you still need to check with your group, we can usually hold a time without obligation for a short period before you pay a deposit to secure and confirm the booking. Our online booking system automatically closes off times 48 hours before a day, so for short notice bookings, either fill in the Check Availability form, or give us a call on 020 3092 5555 during our office hours (Mon-Fri, 10am to 6pm)


Is the Pedibus easy to cycle?

Yes, it moves slowly due to the gearing, and with a minimum party of 5 you’ll have no problem cycling our routes. Whilst on a tour you can pause as often as you like. The gearing can also be changed for whole day events. To date the distance record on the Pedibus is 44km from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace in 5 hours 56 Minutes. An NSPCC fundraiser.


The weather is unpredictable what if it is raining?

The probability of rain during any given Pedibus tour of a given day is 5-7%. If the rain is light we always fit the roof and everyone on board will stay dry. The roof can be seen on the home page. We check the forecast in the morning of an event and if the weather looks like heavy rain we will call you to offer you the option to cancel and receive a full refund if you have booked a standard tour. If the rain is unpredictable and your tour gets rained upon after it has started you can always stop and pop into a pub for a bit until it passes. If you decide it is too heavy for you to continue you can stop at any time and only pay for the portion of time you have been on the Pedibus. For a Branded Event we are unable to offer any refunds or part day cancellations due to wet weather. However we may be able to change the date at no extra charge.


The London Tours are £25 per person for any group size. Don’t worry if a few people can’t make it: subject to there being at least 5 people in your party, we only charge for those who show up on the day.

Is there an age limit?

Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a supervising adult. Anyone who can’t comfortably reach the pedals will have to take a standing position. Nobody under 10 years old can board the Pedibus, and we can only let those 18 years old or over operate the pedal points.

Are there any rules to obey?

Whilst we don’t wish to appear as the ‘fun police’, we also need to keep you safe whilst you are with us. Firstly, don’t turn up drunk; we simply cannot allow you to come on board if you are. Additionally we’d ask you to remain on board whilst we’re moving, and to obey all instructions from our staff who will give you a full safety talk at the start. Finally, the last rule is to have a great and unforgettable time.

Can music be played on board?

Yes, your can personalise your party with your own playlist. Simply bring a device (such as a phone or iPod) that can play music, and just plug it in to our stereo system. We’ll have a 3.5mm aux cable to which fits into the headphone jack of your device. However, as some phone manufacturers no longer fit headphone jacks, you may need to bring an adapter along to fit your device.


What drinks can be taken on board?

It is BYOB for drinks, limited to 2 drinks per person for the duration of the tour. We’ll have cups and openers on board. You can bring as many soft drinks and snacks on board as you like. Champagne, cider, alcopops are permitted, but neat spirits and suspicious home-made mixtures are not allowed on board


Is it a smoking bar?

There are no tobacco smoking restrictions on the Pedibus.

Can we dress the Pedibus with balloons and bunting?

There is a space at the back for placing a banner to advertise your occassion, however balloons can obscure the drivers vision, so we ask people not to bring any along. The space for the banner is 1m across and 40cm high. If you want to place advertising boards on the Pedibus or promote a product/service please book through Branded Events.


How long does the route last?

All the routes are the same distance and last about 70-80 minutes from meet and greet to disembarkation.


Can we custom build our route?

Only in December we offer the possibility to design your own route for Christmas parties. However the routes may be a little longer and the price may be more, and also include a delivery and collection charge for each Pedibus.

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Can you pick us up from our offices?

All the Pedibus routes have been design to capture the best parts of London during the the time on board the Pedibus and the finishing points will leave you well placed to continue the party. However in the month of December only, running up to Christmas, the Pedibuses can follow a tailored route to include an alternative collection and drop off point. However there is often an extra charge. If you are looking to book the Pedibus for a whole day event you can custom design the route

Can we put our corporate logo or advertising on the Pedibus?

If you are booking the Pedibus for a London tour, there is a space at the back of the Pedibus for a banner to advertise your event. The space is 1m wide and 40cm high. If you would like to book the full advertising space available on the Pedibus, you can do so through our events department.


Do you provide public liability Insurance?

Yes! Up to £5million. Pedibus has a 100% safety record in over 100,000 passenger person miles.

Promotional Events


How much will it cost to hire a Pedibus for an event?

The price is £595 for a 3hr day and £1180 for a 7 hour day. This includes staffing, insurance, delivery and collection to certain parts of Central London and help with route plannning. For more information see Branded Events. For longer campaigns discounts are available as well as the option to hire the Pedibus without Pedibus staff at a lesser price.

Can I mount corporate advertising on The Pedibus?

Yes! There is 4.5m2 of externally visible advertising space on the Pedibus. You can see examples at Promotional Events, and we can print and mount these for you. The artwork production specifications can be viewed at the same page


How do I work the Pedibus into my event to achieve the maximum spectacle?

We have over 1000 hours of experience at events and will happily assist you at no extra charge. We will advise on health and safety, route choreography, Pedibus logistics and public interaction. We can also help with brand communication from on board the Pedibus.


Will you deliver the Pedibus anywhere?

Yes! We can deliver the Pedibus to anywhere in the UK and to certain locations outside the UK. Delivery charges would vary according to the distance from London.


How do I book?

Just head to our Book Now page. If the booking is for between Wednesday & Sunday, you can book and confirm straight away and pay a deposit to secure your booking. However, if you want to book for an alternative day, have a party of over 25 people, or would like a bit more information before going ahead, just fill out the check availability form on that page instead, and we can usually hold a time without obligation for a short period before you need to confirm with a deposit.

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