Promotional Events

Event Promotion
The Pedibus seen on an all day hire promoting the Faulty Towers dining experience around London
Product Promotion
The Pedibus seen at a promotional event for Cono Sur Bicicleta, complete with selected members of the press
Charity Fundraising
Posing outside Mansion House with the Lord Mayor of London whilst fundraising for the CIBC Children's Foundation
Event Promotion
The Pedibus seen promoting a BBC Radio 1 Extra Live show

With it’s eyecatching and unique design, utilising a Pedibus for a commercial event is sure to draw the most attention to you promotional campaign or special event. With years of experience in a diverse range of events, our staff can ensure maximum exposure and interaction with the public with the highest level of professional standards.

Event examples

Sometimes you need just that something special for your production, and this is where the Pedibus comes in. Whether its for a small music video taking in London’s sights, a mobile studio for a consumer show out of the road, a larger scale production or a way of broadcasting on the go; the Pedibus has been used always with great results.

We’ve worked with several major television stations, either directly or through a production company, including (but not limited to) the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky Television and Netflix.

We’ve also regularly appeared across many BBC Local Radio networks across the country for Children in Need events, with our Little Pedibuses being used a mobile broadcasting vehicle.

The Pedibus is an ideal vehicle to use is parades and processions. We have previously worked with the London Borough of Lewisham in the London New Year’s Parade; and have also part in the annual Lord Mayor’s Show (the most prestigious event in the City of London’s calendar), working with The Samaritans, Girlguiding South West London, Lloyd’s Shipping Registry and The Worshipful Company of Mercers. We have also taken part on multiple occasions in the Peterborough Travel Choice festival, an event to promote sustainable travel; and our smaller Little Pedibuses has always proved more than up to task of acting as a rescue vehicle sponsored by Continental Tyres during the annual Prudential Ride London event, ferrying mechanics around the circuit to provide assistance to participants

With up to 3.4 square meters of advertising space on board, you will be sure of a highly visible campaign.

Whether its for a particular event such as the Budweiser Live Project or launching a new product such as Volvic Juiced, you can be sure that your brand will be seen and noticed. With 8 cycle points, and plenty of space for prop storage and brand representatives, the Pedibus is perfect for any experiential marketing campaign, and we can deliver the Pedibus to anywhere in the mainland UK for your event or series of events.

The eyecatching design of the Pedibus makes it ideal to attract the public to your cause. Over the years, we’ve been involved with many successful charity fundraisers, including several long term campaigns for Children in Need; as well several shorter campaigns for Comic Relief, the NSPCC and the Starlight Children’s foundation. Some of these events have involved long-distance challenges, such as a non-stop ride from Windsor to Covent Garden and 24 hour challenges, pausing only to swap teams. The Branding space on the Pedibuses can be optimised to display numbers to text to donate to avoid having to pause to collect donations.

Which Pedibus to use?



Our more prominent hand-crafted Pedibuses are the ideal vehicle
to draw attention to your brand and to showcase your event. With 8 cycle points to maximise participation, space for brand representatives & props, and a large amount of advertising space, you’ll certainly be turning many heads on your way. For more information, check out the information below, or just get in touch with us.

Little Pedibus

Our newer Little Pedibus is the smaller, lighter and nimbler cousin of the Pedibus. The small size makes it the perfect vehicle to showcase your brand whilst squeezing into the smallest of spaces. The Little Pedibus is also perfectly suited to provide shuttle services for all sorts of events as well as longer distance challenges. For more information, check out the information below, or just get in touch with us.


Once you have an idea for your event, at Pedibus we can asisit with choreographing the Pedibus into your event. We can audit routes for suitability and calculate timings of distances between desired stops.



Give us a call or send us an email and we can provisionally hold the dates for your event and answer any questions. Or fill in the form below and mark Branded Events for your route choice.



Pedibuses can be commissioned for use on a daily basis to anywhere in the UK. Delivery and collection fees would apply for locations outside of Central London.


We have public liability for up to £5 million for any Pedibus event in the UK.



Pedibus event staff all have a wide body of experience in Pedibus Branded Events. They will be able to interact with the public professionally and confidently on your behalf and ensure the highest standards are maintained.

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