Pedibus & Coronavirus

With the UK in the midst of a global pandemic, many of us are wondering what to do over the next few weeks. We know that many of you still have parties coming up and occasions to celebrate, and may want some clarity over what to do.

Like many small businesses up and down the country, we are facing uncertainty, but we can all be reassured that this pandemic will be over soon.

Londoners are a tough bunch, we’ve faced adversity before, and we have all have a inherit spirit to keep calm and try to carry on as much as normal in such times.

During these times, we want to keep people smiling as we go past, and show everyone who boards the best time possible; but want to do this without any risk to yourselves or our staff.

As the latest government advice has been to close pubs and restaurants, we’ll be going into hibernation until the 18th April at the very least. During this time our phones will be answered, and our emails responded to still. We’ll just won’t be out and about.

Once this virus passes, and we’re all clear, we know that you all want to let go and have some fun. Just get in touch, and we’ll get you booked in.